A belated cupcake loving happy birthday to Hello Kitty

How did I not know that November 1st was Hello Kitty's birthday? I'm going to mark it on my 2013 calendar! These Hello Kitty cupcakes are by Seattle's Trophy Cupcakes, via their Facebook page, where I also got this important news. Visit trophycupcakes.com for more information. The Hello Kitty doll with cupcake I saw at a JFK Airport the other day. On Saturday I stopped by Georgetown Cupcake in SoHo, thinking they'd have the promised Hello Kitty cupcakes, but they didn't, and the clerk didn't have a clue what I was talking about. It was their first day open after getting power back, so it's possible they may have them now, I don't know. I was there on my favorite day for their cupcakes, though, and got the mint cookies and creme cupcake, which is only for sale on Saturday, plus a coconut cupcake, to bring to my boyfriend, who devoured the mint one pretty quickly, so that sortof made up for it. I think it's smart for bakeries to rotate flavors because it keeps people having to return for their favorites and makes every time you visit an adventure. Visit georgetowncupcake.com for their locations and flavors as well as cupcake mail order information.

mint cookies n creme and coconut cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake