A fitting and favorite cupcake memory: Presidents Obama and Lincoln in cupcakes in Washington, DC

I'm visiting Washington, DC today, and since Obama got re-elected and this is where I saw the most amazing thing I've seen in the last almost 8 years of cupcake blogging, I thought I'd share again a few photos from 2009 at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, when Zilly Rosen of Zillycakes in Buffalo, New York, took cupcake art to a presidential level and recreated images of Presidents Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln in cupcake form. Read her artist statement here. I hope she'll do it again! It was such an amazing sight, to see everyone watching it, eating the cupcakes, and especially to see how powerful it remained even when they were down only to Obama's eyes. It showed me that cupcakes are about more than "just" cupcakes, if I ever needed that proven to me. People put so much time and love and energy into baking and decorating and displaying cupcakes, and this was just one of thousands of examples of that, and a truly extraordinary one. Find Zillycakes on Facebook too. All photos here by me.


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