Back from Sandy, Now under Athena

Well, Cupcake Take the Cakers, I (Stacie) have missed you all very much. My tiny corner of the world was hit hard by hurricane Sandy and I have been unable to post (or, really, do much of anything! -- no heat or hot water, power only being restored recently, no tv, no Internet, no phone service). I'm stating facts, not complaining, as I have done relief work in the Rockaways, where there was complete devastation. Compared to them, the East Village/Lower East Side was spared. That doesn't mean it hasn't been difficult.

But there have also been wonderful moments. Moments of helping a neighbor, a friend, a stranger, and accepting help in return, which I have always found difficult. I am writing to you all now from under the Nor'easter (nicknamed Athena, not a proper naming) dropping snow on the northeaster part of the U.S., and it is the first time I have been able to upload anything to the Internet, so I am planning on showing you all I've got.  *grin* Which isn't much.

First up, Prohibition Bakery on election day:

And, lucky for me, (co-owner) Brooke took me next door to Pause Cafe, where counterman Tim gave this tired, cold and still-wet worker a great vegetarian sammich and a smoothie. Plus a cuppa coffee with which to enjoy my pumpkin cupcake from Prohibition.

I also checked out local shop, Exit 9, to see their new squishable cupcake pillow!

Exhausted (yet still lovely and sweet) manager Christy gamely climbed up on a ladder to grab the pretty offering and to show off the approximately $45 pillow/toy.  I very much wanted to just bury my face in it and sleep for a week, but it was pristine and beautiful and I, most definitely, was not.

I had planned to end the day at Butter Lane, as I heard it has a new fall frosting flavor, but I was too tired and worn down from the week. Instead I went home to wage war with Time Warner Cable, Con Edison (gas and electric) and my cat, Grady, who was off his feed. 

This cupcaker is glad to be back. I've missed you all and I am eager to get back up to cupcaking speed!

Hope all of you are warm, safe and dry where you are,