Be thankful for a free box of mini cupcakes in Memphis today at Cocoa Van Cupcake!

Thanksgiving is also a time to give back, and I'm so happy to see Memphis, Tennessee bakery Cocoa Van Cupcake, at 7990 Trinity Place, Suite 108, practice a Random Act of Cupcake Kindness today as they get ready for Thanksgiving. Here's what their latest Facebook post says - get them before they're gone, and now might be a great time to thank your local bakery for providing you with delicious cupcakes:
Today we are not selling...we are giving. :) Yep, it's RANDOM ACTS OF CUPCAKE KINDNESS today at cocoa van and we're giving a box of mini cupcakes to our cocoa van-ians as our way of saying thanks to each and every one of you!! As we prepare for a HUGE day of pre-orders tomorrow, we will be closing early today at 2pm. Our hours Wednesday will be from 11am until 3pm, with a full line-up of cupcakes and cuppies for pick-up. Will post tomorrow's menu shortly!! Come on by for your free minis (one box per person/family)!!!! Remember, it's not a day for selling today, it's a day of giving. Much love cocoa van-ians!!
Contact them at iwantcocoavan at or 901-308-1536 and find out more at

cocoa almond joy

carmela - I've posted this one before, but I love the look of it and the name of this caramel buttercream filled cupcake with caramel on top!

dark chocolate mocha cupcake

banana split