Cupcakes available 24/7 in Glasgow from the Bakery ATM

ATMs with cupcakes are now international! Following this year's debut of the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM in Beverly Hills and Chicago (I'm excited to visit the Chicago one next week!), here's another ATM selling cupcakes. Love it! Where will one launch next, I wonder? From STV News in Scotland:
Glasgow-based Bradford's Bakers unveiled its latest venture, the Bakery ATM, in the city’s St Enoch Centre on Tuesday.

The machine works in the same way as an ATM, as customers insert their payment card and select their treat of choice, which is then dispensed in a protective box for £2.50.

Seven different flavours will be available at any one time, including Irn-Bru, Raspberry Dream and Malteser Mint Medley, and the Bakery ATM will be restocked daily with cakes freshly made at one of Bradford's bakeries...

"Our innovative bakery ATM will be restocked each morning with a choice of seven cupcake flavours from our extensive selection at any one time - including flavour of the week - and any cake dispensed will be freshly baked from our local bakery that morning."
Find out more at, whose cupcake offerings you can see here.