Extra cute Movember moustache cupcakes and cupcakes wearing macarons as top hats

I can't get enough of the expressiveness of the various Movember moustaches worn by the cupcakes by Cupcake Central in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, via their Facebook page (including a maple bacon one!), not to mention the creative use of macarons as edible cupcake toppers! Contact them at info at cupcakecentral.com.au or +61 3 9077 4542 and find out more at cupcakecentral.com.au. They also host cupcake decorating workshops in Melbourne - upcoming workshops include cupcake baking master class (November 17, 2-5, November 25, 2-5, December 2, 2-5), Christmas Cupcakes (November 18, 2-3:30 and December 8, 2-3:30), and a kids' cupcake decorating workshops (January 9, 2-3:30).


Kelly said…
The mustache dudes in this post are easily the cutest mustache cupcakes I've ever seen!

Love those tiny little guys with the macarons, too.