Go to the polls and vote, get a free cupcake or free ice cream!

I love this push to get voters out to the polls by Seattle bakery Cupcake Royale. If you vote and share your photo on Twitter with the #VoteforCupcakes hashtag they will give you a free babycake cupcake or baby scoop of ice cream. Not only that, if you order a dozen or more full-size cupcakes, you'll get a free pint of Cupcake Royale ice cream. Yum! Visit cupcakeroyale.com, their Facebook page and @CupcakeRoyale on Twitter for more information. Pumpkin maple is their cupcake of the month: "Local Stahbush Farm pumpkin cake topped with 100% maple cream cheese frosting."

If other bakeries are running election cupcake promotions, email us at cupcakestakethecake at gmail.com with "Election" in the subject line but please be aware that this week we may have connectivity issues, but hopefully will be blogging away as usual!


NIKA said…
I would really like to vote, but unfortunately I'm not living in the us:)

Your blog is AWESOME - I hope you'll make some classic christmas cupcake this year too, which I would like to make:)

Would be great if you would follow my blog too as I follow yours:)