Hostess lovers, get your fix of 24-hour shelf Snowball and Hostess-inspired cupcakes at Cupcake Royale

Yes, we're featuring Seattle's Cupcake Royale again (yesterday they were giving out free Thanksgiving pumpkin maple cupcakes) because they are doing a very timely promotion today, Saturday and Sunday, at all 6 of their bakeries, featuring the CupCake and the Snowball for all of the people freaking out about the demise of Hostess. Here's the official descriptions via their Facebook page. (they also sell ice cream!):
The CupCake, you got it, is a Cupcake Royale chocolate cake with a marshmallow fluff filling, topped with chocolate frosting and decorated with a signature white piping that we all love. The Snowball is a chocolate cake filled with the same delectable marshmallow fluff, surrounded by a delicate shower of coconut.

Their Ballard location also has t-shirts like this one for sale. Visit for hours and locations.