Mint Romney and BaRocky Road Obama cupcakes for sale at Bliss Bakery in Aurora, Colorado

From comes news of a customer who came up with an election cupcake idea for Bliss Bakery at 6205 S. Main Street in Aurora, Colorado:
Caley Valdez, 11, called Bliss Bakery at the Southlands Mall in Aurora with an idea for cupcakes.

She came up with "Mint Romney" and "BaRocky Road Obama" cupcakes.

The owner of the bakery, Brandy Fogleman, thought it was a great idea and whipped up the election cupcakes.

The "Mint Romney" cakes even have
And from their Facebook page: "Update in the unoficial exit cupcake poll - Romney pulled in to the lead by 18 - fast gainer. In the interest of bi-partisan politics we have some Rocky Road Romney's- and Mint Obamas....."

I couldn't find any photos of these cupcakes but I did find these patriotic red, white and blue cupcakes on their Facebook page. Contact Bliss Cupcakes at 303-974-6440 or visit