You could meet Cupcake Wars judge Candace Nelson and win $1,000 shopping spree today at Sprinkles The Grove opening

You can also win a year of cupcakes at the opening of Sprinkles Cupcakes at The Grove in Los Angeles today, along with $1,500 or $500 shopping sprees! Sorry we're a bit late in posting about this, but you can meet Sprinkles Cupcakes co-founder and Cupcake Wars just Candace Nelson until noon at 189 The Grove Drive. Contact them at 323-931-4498. Follow Sprinkles The Grove on Facebook and @sprinklesgrove on Twitter and Sprinkles at as well as Facebook and @sprinkles on Twitter.


Sarah said…
Why wasn't she on the most recent ep? It may have been more but my DVR has been conflicted. I miss Candace.
lindarmac said…
I'm a "cupcake wars" junkie & loved Candace Nelson. Where is she? Why isn't she a judge anymore????