Cupcakes in new places: Seven Stones Cafe in Media, Pennsylvania

I love going to a new town and randomly discovering cupcakes, which is what happened on Saturday, National Cupcake Day, in Media, Pennsylvania, where I discovered the lovely Seven Stones Cafe. It has everything I want in a cafe - great coffee, cupcakes and other desserts, art on the walls and, while I didn't try any food, that looked good too. And they were open until 11 p.m.! I tried their peppermint chocolate cupcake, and while the frosting was on the buttery side for me (not bad, just heavy), the chocolate cake was delicious, rich and moist.


MoKyKoKy said…
Mmmmm i like all your cupcakes! i am new in blogger and i saw your blog by chance and i like it all,
bye, see you