Happy National Cupcake Day! Here are some chocolate peanut butter reindeer and glittery Hershey's Kiss cupcakes to make you smile

When awful things are happening in the news, sometimes I start to think cupcakes are trivial and silly, but on this, National Cupcake Day, as we also celebrate 8 years of cupcake blogging here at Cupcakes Take the Cake, I'm also reminded of something that is embedded in the photo below from Amanda Cupcake - cupcakes make people happy. I hope they add some joy to your life on National Cupcake Day and every day. All of these photos are by Cupcake Mansion queen Amanda Cupcake of Wisconsin. The cupcake cookies (second photo) I at first thought were cupcakes filled with sprinkles! I'm not sure how that would work but the idea made me smile. See more photos and get more information from Amanda Cupcake on Facebook and her blog and visit her bakery at N2841 US Hwy 45 in New London, Wisconsin. Contact her at msamandacupcake at gmail.com or 920-915-3409.

chocolate peanut butter reindeer cupcakes

cupcake cookies

chocolate mint kiss cupcakes

mint cupcakes (what is it about a Hershey's Kiss on top that looks so cute?)

mini root beer float cupcakes