These let it snow cupcakes make me want it to snow for real!

As the chilly almost-winter weather starts to hit New York, I'm dreaming of being back in Honolulu, which I visited for the first time in January and would love to return to for its beauty and warm, warm weather. I'm one of those people who is much happier in warmer than cold weather, and even though I have a puffy winter coat and warm hat, I still am not a winter fan. But here's where the beauty of cupcakes comes in: these let it snow cupcakes by Not Your Momma's Cookie just might make me change my mind! They remind me of how beautiful snow is when it's first falling and hitting your tongue and covering the ground in a blanket of pristine whiteness. If we do get snow, these cupcakes are what I'll be thinking of. See more photos and find out how to make them, using candy melts, white chocolate and sparkling sugar, at Not Your Momma's Cookie.