First Look at a New Bakery in Fort Worth, TX

 One of our favorite Texas-based tasters, TxMagik, tried a new bakery in the Sansom Park area of Fort Worth, and reported back with images and a review:

"Terra Bella Bakery has just opened in Sansom Park, a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas. Terra Bella is not a cupcakery per se, but a bakery that makes and sells cupcakes. On the day I visited, I sampled a chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting and sprinkles.

The chocolate cake was moist enough not to crumble, without being gooey, and it had a nice texture. And it was not overly sweet at all. The sweetness was in the very smooth but firm frosting, which served to balance the flavors. 

All in all a pleasant tasting experience. Terra Bella only does a couple of flavors a day (their other flavor on the day of my visit was red velvet, of which I am not a fan, so I stuck with the chocolate option). And, I admit to succumbing to a take-home slice of their carrot cake but I suppose that is a story for another (cake) blog."

Terra Bella Bakery appears to have no website, no Twitter, no Facebook and no web presence at all! I hope this is because they are so new and they will be wowing us with something major. 

5426 Jacksboro Highway
Sansom Park
  Fort Worth, Texas 76114




Nizam said…
yummy , i like this and look so delicious

Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
I'm a fan of theirs so good!! I found their website and facebook, thought I'd help other people find them. :)