Greaseproof Liners & My 1st Cupcake of 2013

Just three days into the New Year and I'm in the kitchen baking cupcakes!  This time, I'm using some super cute liners that I was given  by Shannon Harvey, owner of Sweets & Treats Boutique to test out!

Sweets & Treats makes greaseproof liners that are supposed to stand up to the discoloration that often happens when baking cupcakes, especially chocolate and other dark colored cake. Shannon sent me 4 sleeves of liners in all kinds of patterns and colors.

For these cupcakes, I chose the solid green liners to bring out the mint aspect of the cupcake. Since I was baking chocolate cupcakes, I wasn’t too sure how much color these liners would hold… but, I was happily surprised! They held their color really well and stuck to the cupcake nicely! Especially with this dark cake, I was happy that I could still see a lot of green in these liners! I would definitely use them again! Thanks Shannon for sending them to me!

With these liners, I made my first cupcake of 2013!  I made a Mint Chocolate Frango Cupcake and the recipe can be found on my blog,!



Kelly said…
I bought some "greaseproof" liners a while ago and they were a super fail. They were white and I tried them side-by-side with regular white ones and there was no difference. So, I'm glad to see real photo evidence of one that kind of does!

I've heard the Renolds Stay Bright (or whatever they're called) are pretty awesome. I bought two packs on sale but haven't had a chance to use them yet. I hate that they only come in patterns, though - I usually like to decorate the tops of my cupcakes and don't want a liner to compete. So, I'm off to check out that website's selection!
@Kelly - Although they did show thru some of the batter with these... I was still happy with them because you could definitely tell they were a green liner. I've used some that completely disappear when you bake in them. I hate that!! I'll definitely be using these again!

<3 Betsy
Peggy G. said…
These cupcakes look awesome! I'll definitely be on the lookout for those liners, too =)