Texans cupcakes at Sugarbaby's and cupcake bakery for sale

Sugarbaby's Cupcake Boutique in Houston, Texas is also getting into the football team spirit with Texans cupcakes! They'll add these toppers to any of your favorite cupcakes. Find out more on their Facebook page or at ilovesugarbabys.com and contact them at info at ilovesugarbabys.com or 713-527-8427. They posted on Facebook that their business is for sale, so if you're an enterprising budding bakery owner and want to run your own business, check out their post.

Dippity Doo Dah cupcakes

French toast maple bacon cupcakes

red velvet push pop cupcakes

last but not least, check out these fun flavors: "CANDY BAR with a Snickers baked inside, BANOFFEE banana cake filled with dulce de leche, and COFFEE & DONUTS."