Valentine's Day Cupid's arrow and lips cupcake toppers from Etsy

Both these Valentine's Day cupcake toppers, along with many others, are for sale from Etsy seller Go Against The Grain.


Connie W. said…
These are so cute! Are those red velvet cupcakes? They are one of my top five favorite flavors! Furthermore, I love to make them for Valentine's Day because it goes with the color scheme :). Do you also happen to know where you can find those Valentine decorations? They are very festive and I am in love. However, what flavor cupcake is the one with the hot pink lips? It seems to be cinnamon, but I’m not sure.
Melanie said…
These are so cute!!! =)

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Leona said…
I would be supportive on all of your articles and blogs because they are just upto the mark.
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@ Connie, the toppers can be purchased from my shop, Go Against the Grain, on etsy!

the top cupcakes are red velvet. the bottom ones with the lips were mini spice cupcakes!