Next Cupcake Meetup: March 3rd And More

We're having a tiny meetup on Sunday, March 3rd at Prohibition Bakery. If you want to come, RSVP now. Please note that the cupcakes are boozy and you must be 21 and older to eat. The bakery is small so the meetup will be held to only a dozen people.

We are looking to you to offer suggestions for future meetups. A few people are interested in a cupcake decorating meetup. We would love to do so when we find a space and a instructor to do event. Any venue suggestions would be great!

New York City bakeries, do you miss us?!  Let us know, and I will set up some Friday afternoon cupcake gatherings this spring.  The group will be no more than a baker's dozen (13 people) and if you want to sponsor a cupcake happy hour, please let us know at cupcakestakethecakeATgmailDOT with the subject line: Baker's Dozen Fridays.


Anonymous said…
I wish I could find one of these in Northern LA!