Oscars movie and popcorn cupcakes by Rebel Bakery

Rebel Bakery in London, which specializes in gluten-free cupcakes and other desserts, is ready to celebrate tonight's Oscars with these movie and popcorn cupcake toppers! Via @rebelbakery on Twitter. Contact them at info at rebelbakery.co.uk or +44 7868 567026 or visit rebelbakery.co.uk for more information. You can also visit them on Facebook, where the other photos are from. And on March 16th from 12-3:30, you can sample their gluten-free desserts free at Whole Foods Market Camden; click here for details.

El Diablo: "This devilishly hot chilli chocolate cake is packed with chunks of dark chocolate, topped with a creamy chocolate buttercream and crowned with the devil's horns."

Old Fashioned: "A rebellious whisky and orange cupcake with a cherry centre."

Blueberry Butterfly: "A delicate cupcake bursting with blueberries and topped with a white chocolate butterfly."

The King: "Banana, peanut butter and jelly packed in to a rebellious cupcake."

Big Apple Pie


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