Brains cupcakes in March plus hearts, Lille Prins and a bowtie at Cupcake STHLM in Stockholm

I love when a bakery has a cupcake design that stands out, so I can tell pretty much by looking who made it. Cupcake STHLM in Stockholm, Sweden is one of those, and a bakery I hope to visit someday! All these photos are via their Facebook page. A shoutout to whoever ordered the brains cupcakes! Contact them at info at or +46 8 83 80 83 and visit for more information.

Lille Prins cupcake: "orange cake with raspberry and chocolate ganache"

This cupcake is named Polly! Red velvet cake/blueberry/vanilla

Mr. Poppy cupcake: "Orange/daim/vanilla/popping candy"

Hunky Berry cupcake: "Brownie/blueberry/licorice/hazelnut"