Not To Be Trifled With, Bee's Knees Cake Cups Are Delicious

Welcome Cupcakes Take The Cake

Yesterday, Billy Mayer, co-owner of Bee's Knees Baking Co. hosted a baking demo at his kitchen space in Chinatown. He showed meetup member Lauren and me how to make Irish Car Bomb Cake Cups. Billy generously provided us with prosecco to drink while he did the demo.

Spirited Ingredients

An Irish Car Bomb Cake Cup has some spirited ingredients, Baileys Bushmills and Guinness.
Billy uses all-purpose flour, not cake flour.
 Cocoa Powder and more
The cocoa powder of choice for Bee's Knees is Valrhona. Here's the finished product. The cake is a Chocolate Guinness cake. The frosting has 3oz of Bushmills in a cream cheese frosting, and the crumble that is layered in the trifle has Baileys with butter and sugar. Yum! The cake cups are available today through the weekend at their location in the Village (113 W. 10th Street). Follow Bees Knee's on Twitter and Facebook.
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