Googly eyes, cotton candy, chocolate peanut butter and moonpie cupcakes that make me wish I were in South Carolina

Once again I'm featuring Cupcrazed Cupcake Bar and promising myself I will get to Fort Mill, South Carolina soon to taste their luscious looking cupcakes! Look at how tall their cotton candy topped cupcake is. Wow. Today they are wishing their customers Happy Hippie Day and special flavors are: "Cocoa Puffs, Strawberry Hi-C, Groovy Tie Dye, Chocolate Brownie, Elvis, and Policeman special with a chocolate cupcake, and +21 Drunkin Policemen Special with a whipped vodka in coffee buttercream." Via their Facebook page. Contact them at info at or 803-396-7372 and visit for more information.

today's cupcakes

moonpie cupcakes

Black Forest cupcakes

"Chocolate filled with caramel and fudge, caramel frosting and a pretzel"


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