Tiny Hands Cupcake Scented Jewelry

In the mail today, cupcake scented jewelry from @tinyhands
Close your eyes and imagine what a red velvet cupcake smells like.  Since the cupcake is so known for its signature red color, it may be hard to think about its aroma.  I expect to first smell a cream cheese frosting and then chocolate from the cocoa powder in the cake.

Mei Pak, the founder of Tiny Hands, makes scented jewelry and sent me one of her red velvet cupcake pendants. In addition to red velvet, there are several cupcake flavors including mint chocolate, vanilla, and birthday.
Red velvet cupcake pendant. #redvelvet #cupcake #jewelry
The pendant is scented and I smell chocolate more than anything else. I have seen many polymer clay cupcake pendant necklaces and this one is well-crafted and it has a really nice ball chain. The cupcake pendants are custom made to order and retail for $28. Tiny Hands is on Twitter and Facebook.


How cute! The chocolate mint one must smell yummy!