Flour Power: Pull Apart Cupcakes

Pull Apart Cupcake Cake - Dress
 A reader emailed with a question. She's make a special "cake" with pull-apart cupcakes for a bridal shower. I have never made them, but I know many bakers have so I ask our Facebook and Twitter friends to give us some advice.

Here's some tips:
  • I've heard of people placing small cookies, like vanilla wafers, in the gap. I've never tried, but it seems like a good idea.
  • Never tried it, but I've seen people put either chocolate wafers or 'Nilla wafers over the holes. But then you're stuck with frosted cookies after you pull apart the cupcakes...darn...what a shame! I've just used a stiffer frosting and a flat frosting tip to cover over them.
  •  Try putting foil in between those holes and see if that works..that way you have a flat surface to put your frosting on but it wont be falling through..
  •  I've used an edible "bridge". As others have said, either a small cookie, a strawberry if it's a fruit-type set up or a couple of thin pretzel sticks to float the frosting on.
  • I guess if you're worried about slippage, you could use cut lengths of bamboo skewer or dry spaghetti to secure the bridge before laying the frosting down.
  • Square cupcakes. You can make a mix of square and round and it should help.
  • Harding Jumbo marshmallows. Just place them in the holes.