Original Karamelgebäck Creme Cupcakes

You've heard of Cookie Butter, right? Trader Joes sells it. It's also been called Speculoos, Biscoff or Karamelgebäck Creme. Well, that Cookie Butter is a knock-off of the creamy, caramel cookie spread made by The Lotus Bakery from Belgium! The Original Karamelgebäck Creme is a spread made from their popular Lotus Bakeries caramel cookie (often called a Biscoff cookie) that is commonly served in restaurants and hotels in Europe with coffee. It's similar to peanut butter or Nutella in it's uses, but the flavor is so distinct.

I made a super delicious cupcake from the Original Karamelgebäck Creme and the Choco Speculoos that is like a Belgian explosion in my mouth! YUM!

For the complete recipe, visit JavaCupcake!


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