Paleo and panda cupcakes

Swirlz in Chicago has developed a paleo-lacto cupcakes (full description below) as a way to appease those on a paleo diet who also want the sweet treat of cupcakes. They've also recently made these cute panda cupcakes as well as Snickers candy bar inspired cupcakes. Find out the latest scoop on the Swirlz Facebook page and get more information at

Details via Swirlz on Facebook:
In response to so many customer requests,we will be featuring a Vanilla on Chocolate “lacto-Paleo” cupcake, as an additional Saturday Surprise.

We know how confusing and controversial the subject of butter can be on this diet so we followed the specifics of the following two sites: and

“Truly strict Paleo doesn't usually include dairy because dairy can raise insulin levels. Many Paleo people continue to eat dairy and will call it "lacto-Paleo". Usually they stick to low casein type dairy like butter, heavy cream, hard cheeses and greek/goat yogurt, but some eat all dairy. Some people that consider themselves very strict Paleo eaters still eat butter and heavy cream because they have low amounts of casein.”

This cupcake does contain European butter (grass fed cows) in the frosting only.