One-Eyed Monster Cupcakes with Cotton Candy Hair

Monster Cupcakes (via 
I LOVE these Monster Cupcakes from The Novice Chef! You can use pretty much any cupcake you want as the base since the real focus is the decorations. I love that she used purple frosting for these, and obviously, the cotton candy hair! It reminds me of the troll dolls that were popular when I was younger with neon hair that stuck straight up. I love the one eye, as well! 

There are some tricks to mastering the cotton candy hair (you can't just use any old cotton candy), so for instructions and details check out the whole post on The Novice Chef!


Unknown said…
These cupcakes are such a cute and fun idea for Halloween! As well as reminding me of the troll dolls from my childhood, they also remind me of Monsters Inc!

They would be a perfect idea for a children's birthday party and a great alternate to a birthday cake! Its great that you can mix it up by having a variation to the base!

I will definitely be attempting to bake these for myself over Halloween!
Unknown said…
Soo Cool!! I love it, i think i'm going to make some for halloween! :)