ROAR! Leopard Print Cupcakes and Matching Makeup!

YouTuber My Cupcake Addiction did a collabo with Eyedolize Makeup. Learn how to make the leopard cupcakes, and then check out Eyedolize Makeup for the awesome matching makeup tutorial!

Tools & Equipment:
Fondant rolling pin
Circle cookie cutter (I used a 4.5" but choose one approx 2 sizes larger than the top of your cupcake)
Cornflour (starch)

A cupcake
Pale brown fondant or modelling chocolate (link to our modelling chocolate recipe below)
Buttercream frosting (our recipe link below)
Red fondant bow (see link below for our tutorial on how to make the bow)
Melted black candy melts
Melted pale brown chocolate or candy melts
** You can substitute the candy melts for food colouring if you like, but make sure you add a few drops of clear alcohol to each colour. You can use cake decorators rose spirit or vodka - this will evaporate (so you wont get any taste) but it will help the food colouring to dry a lot faster.