New trend alert! Cup-pies, Onesies or Tiny Tarts, Oh My!

There's been somewhat of a debate in recent news about what the next baked good will be to take the cupcake's place and mini pies or tarts have been a frontrunner, but what I found this weekend at Le Petit Rouge in Kansas City just might be it - pies so small, they are baked in cupcake tins and called "Onesies", though I think I prefer something like "Cup-pies" or, well, anything other than a word that typically describes something worn by a baby and usually soiled the instant its worn.

Naming convention aside, these adorable tiny tarts were flakey and every bit as good as their full size counterparts might be.  As I carved miniature triangle slices into them, the Triple Cherry was my favorite on this visit, and the Lemon Meringue reminded me of my own childhood, for better or worse.  What I liked about them overall is the big pieces of real fruit - no pie fillings here.  The Petit Rouge is housed inside Kansas City's idyllic children's book store, The Reading Reptile, and typically supplies hungry bookworms with a variety of fairy tale themed cupcakes, along with assorted other pastries and goodies as their menu expands.  I hope to bring you more on all that later.