Breaking News: Bakery Closing in Excelsior Springs, MO

DD's Cupcakes in Excelsior Springs, MO is closing their doors.  This was posted on their Facebook Page on January 19:

"Well friends it time to retire! I'm closing shop at the end of February. It's been something I had always wanted to do, but now it's time to venture onto other things. I'm sad about closing but the shape that the economy is in does not surprise me. I will continue to bake at home for family and friends, and if you ever need anything you know how to reach me. This facebook page will be closed along with the shop. There is a sale going on now through closing and most things are 75% off from the gift shop. I have a lot of items from the bakery for sale as well. Thanks friends, it's been real!"

I tried their phone number several times with no answer and finally drove by there to sample some cupcakes for the blog, but it was closed, even though the hours posted on the door said I should find it otherwise.  What I did find, was a sign on the door, offering all her equipment for sale:

DD's had only been open a year and a half and I hadn't made it there yet to sample, so I'm sorry I've missed them altogether now.  You can try your luck through February as her recent FB post says though, maybe even message her instead of calling.

Fortunately, down the street was longtime Excelsior Springs business, Ooey Gooey Chocolates, so I decided to swing by there and see if they would start carrying cupcakes in light of their neighbor's closure.

The selection of chocolate coated goodies was what I would expect, so I got what turned out to be a highly satisfactory selection to take home.

When I asked if they sold cupcakes, the woman behind the counter told me she was just icing some lemon cupcakes in the back, so I lucked out and took one home. 

For a VERY freshly baked cupcake, it was fairly dry and the icing grainy, but the pleasant lemon flavor was in present in both the cake and icing, which isn't always the case.  All in all, I'd say stop by Ooey Gooey for chocolates, especially the Tiger's Blood fudge - yum!, but you might need to wait til someone replaces DD's for cupcake goodness.  I also happen to know that The Sweet Tooth's Cupcake Cruiser stops by the Elms Hotel in Excelsior about once a week, even though they are based in Blue Springs, so that might satisfy your cupcake cravings in the meantime if you can catch them!

Post Script:  I couldn't help taking a picture of this cute sign inside Ooey Gooey, because it reminded me of my 3GC days...