Clarabelle's Cupcakes To Go - Post Mortem

While updating the mobile cupcakery list on our page, I unfortunately ran across several links that are now broken because of the inevitable cupcake closings. Thankfully, there are many more new ones to talk about, and I will be adding them to the list soon.

However here's one of the casualties of 2013.  This was posted on the Facebook page of  Clarabelle's Cupcakes To Go on December 4th, 2013:

"After a wonderful 4-year run, Clarabelle's Cupcakes closes its doors. We want to thank all of our friends and fans for your patronage - we will miss you all!! Please support the new owners of
Best Sweets who will continue to make delicious cupcakes and treats!!!"

This statement was made bittersweetly ironic by the very next post to their page on December 15th: "Congratulations to Clarabele's Cupcakes To Go for being selected as an Official Destination for National Cupcake Day 2013!".

Rumor has it that a mere loss of passion for the business (gasp!) and a bit of a saturated and monopolized market was responsible for this particular closing.  This does leave one wondering what the fate of their BEAUTIFUL cupcake van will be.  Will it become a generic delivery van for some random dry cleaners, or perhaps it be repurposed for another mobile cupcakery needing an upgrade? Only time will tell.  Good luck to the owners of Clarabelle's!

Other recent closures (soon to be followed by an overdue complete list of the much larger number that have opened!):

- Cake and Shake - New York, New York
- Call Me Cupcake - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
- Cargo Trike Cupcakes - Nashville, Tennessee
- Cupcake Stop - Greenbrook, New Jersey
- Jett Cakes - San Carlos, California
- Oh For Sweets Sake - San Clemente, California
- Rosie Cakes - Denver, Colorado


Unknown said…
Rosie Cakes is still open! I just sold my truck… But still doing events =) xoxo