Open Letter for Cupcake Camp KC 2014

The crew from Cupcake Camp KC 2014  wants us to spread the word about needing committee members for the upcoming 2nd Annual Cupcake Camp KC.  Last year's event ( was a huge success raising $2400 benefitting the KU Cancer Center and to make this year's just as big, they will need a lot of help. 
Here are some fun pictures from last year:

The open letter follows:
Fellow Cupcake Lovers,
As we welcome this beautiful new year, we are, as well, beginning to plan for Cupcake Camp KC 2014. We had a wonderful year in 2013 and hope to make the years to come bigger and better! We had an amazing amount of support last year and it is due to this support that we were as successful as we were. 
As we begin planning for 2014 we realize we will be needing some additional help. The help were are seeking will be on a volunteer basis and will require a commitment to Cupcake Camp and the success of this and future events.  Specifically, we are looking for individuals to help organize some of the following areas: cupcake bakers, volunteers, cupcake competition, sponsors, etc. We are seeking initiative takers who may
have a knack for organization or event planning. Connection in the baking community or the Kansas City community in general would be delightfully welcomed.
We are planning for a fall event which makes our need immediate so that the planning can commence. Sadly, if we can’t retrieve adequate help we may have to put an indefinite hold on the cupcake festivities. Please share this information with those who might be interested. Please respond to this email if you are interested!
Thank you for your time and we will hope to hear from you in the near future!
Most Sincerely,
Samantha Ekwuru
Cupcake Camp KC
Email her at if you want to participate.


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