The Polar Vortex Grounds Mobile Cupcakeries Nationwide

The Polar Vortex may be over, but its sting can still be felt by owners of mobile cupcakeries around the Nation.  One after another, I saw their Facebook statuses updated with sorrowful tales of dead batteries, flat tires and snow banks, all ending with the same sad sentence: "No Cruise Today."  The Winter season is hard enough on food trucks in general, but the arctic air, coupled with deep snow in some places was the double whammy that took down too many of our sweet rides.  Here are some of the pitiful pictures from the Polar Vortex and a few of happier snowy days, when many fans will happily line up in the snow for a cupcake - as long as it's above freezing!

Sarah's Cake Stop, St. Louis, MO

Gigi's, Indianapolis, IN

The Cupcake Truck, Lancaster, PA

Johnny's "Cupcakes" delivery van

Red's Cupcakes, Springfield, MO

Street Sweets, Erie, PA

Sweet!, Bay Village, OH

3 Girls Cupcakes, Kansas City, MO

Cupcake Queen, Lyme, NH