Pink Velvet Cupcakes Made With Duncan Hines Cake Mix

Duncan Hines has a new Pink Velvet cake mix, and it has sparked my creativity.

I was really impressed the texture of the cake. It is an airy and moist cake.  The taste is vanilla like a birthday cake.  I added a tablespoon of cocoa powder and would have added more if I had known that it would not affect the pink color. The dark pink sprinkles on top are Hibiscus sugar crystals.

The Duncan Hines pink velvet cake mix is good choice as colorful base for Easter cupcakes, pink cake pops, strawberry shortcake cupcakes, or baby shower cupcakes. A pink lemonade cupcake would be a great idea if I can come up with a lemon custard buttercream frosting. Duncan Hines also has spring velvet cake mix which is good for making checkerboard cakes.