Sprinkles in Atlanta

Don't you hate when phone's camera fails when you need it the most?! I wanted to take lots of photos, but I only got this one of the Sprinkles ATM.

Yesterday my Dad and I went to Sprinkles in Atlanta and got some cupcakes. We got coconut, key lime, strawberry and red velvet. My favorite was the red velvet.  I especially enjoyed the red velvet cupcake which has a little local flavor. Instead of the Sprinkles trademark round disk in the middle of the cupcake, there's an edible "A" to recognize Atlanta and the Atlanta Braves. [I expect that they will keep the "A" regardless of the Braves move to Cobb County.]

I will go back to try the ice cream and test out the cupcake ATM.


iheartcupcakes! said…
You have to try a cupcake sundae!!!