Push For Pizza, The Easiest Way To Order Pizza Ever.

Have you heard about the teens who developed a very simple app for pizza, Push For Pizza ? I wonder if a similar one for cupcakes would work. Cupcake flavors are more varied; however if the choice of cupcakes were simplified to just three options it might work. How about vanilla cupcake, chocolate, chocolate cupcake and third button that says "Surprise Me"? The third option would the cupcake flavor of the day or month depending on the cupcake bakery who delivers the cupcakes. The cupcakes would be sold by the dozen  or half dozen so that each transaction is at least $12. This would be an additional income stream for cupcake bakeries, and would be a fun way to get publicity.  Instead of Push for Pizza, maybe the app would be called "Clap For Cupcakes". I am just spit-balling here, but if anyone wants to help do this app, let me know.