Thanksgiving In Photos Brought To You By Canon EOS Rebel

Canon invited me to document my Thanksgiving using a Canon EOS Rebel SL1. It's part of Canon's #BringIt campaign that I was a participant.  I have been blogging for nearly ten years and taken lots of photos.  My first digital camera was a Canon point and shoot.  I used to be careful when taking photos so as not use up too much space on my memory card. About five years ago, I got a smartphone and that became my camera. With my phone, I wasn't always concern with taking the best pictures, but more cared about getting the most pictures.  With the Canon EOS Rebel SL1, it was easy for me to take quality photos.  The touch shutter function on the screen is a marvel.  It can easily focus on the subject and with the touchscreen, a great photo is taken. Quality vs. quantity is no longer a dilemma; I can lots of wonderful photos easily to capture holidays and everyday. I can #bringit.

thanksgiving decor
The Thanksgiving decor in the family room.

nov20 001
I took a photo of a tree in the backyard. The leaves on the tree look three dimensional. I love the touch shutter function of the camera.

Thanksgiving was pretty low-key this year. There was just four of us plus two dogs to enjoy the Thanksgiving meal.

It was also my birthday and my sister surprised me with balloons. IMG_1199
Leo ate too much and got sleepy.
Star is not supposed to be in the kitchen, but #whogonnacheckmeboo. #latergram #bringit
Star was in the kitchen looking for leftovers.
nov20 006
I went old school and took a selfie with an actual camera. We didn't have cake or cupcakes for Thanksgiving. The sweet potato pies were gone in an instant.