Ikea Cupcakes? Yes!

Everyone knows Ikea has great meatballs, but even I didn't know they had cupcakes until I went to the new location in Kansas City recently.  I tried this sweet looking spice cake in their cafĂ© and I have to say that it was light and moist and very tasty, especially the ultra creamy spiced icing. It was also affordable, so definitely worth a try if you're shopping!


Catherine said…
Sounds like a wonderful treat with a cup of coffee.
Anonymous said…
A couple years ago I saw (so had to try) an Elderflower Cupcake from Ikea. It was surprisingly good (as long as you don’t mind floral flavors). I didn’t realize they still sold cupcakes from time to time, so I’ll have to make sure to check whenever I’m there. :)