Kansas City Royals Valentine's Day Cupcake Grams Available!

The Kansas City Royals are handing out very special Valentine's this year, for those willing to pay the price:

From their FB page:

"Secure a unique Valentine's Day gift for the one you love with a Sluggerrr Gram. Packages include roses, custom cupcakes, ticket vouchers and a visit from our favorite loveable lion, Sluggerrr!
Learn More: http://atmlb.com/1Jfkdpr"

Valentine's will be handed out Fri, Sat and Sun of Valentine's Day Weekend this year and cost $150, but include more than enough goodies for any KC Royals fan! 

The cupcakes are being supplied by local cupcakery, The Kansas City Cupcake Co.  I have been there recently myself and can fairly highly recommend them.  With their emphasis on customer service, I'm sure they'll do a great job!