#GetBaked Red Velvet Discussion This Sunday

Before you head to a Oscar watching party, we going to do real talk about red velvet. The red velvet cake flavor has grown in popularity, and now it has been co-opted by major brands like Oreo, Muscle Milk, Dairy Queen and more. I would venture to say that red velvet is the new pumpkin spice latte. It's ubiquitous, but most people don't know what is the flavor of red velvet. Has the re-discovery of red velvet gone too far? Anyway, Babette of BakeSpace and I are going to talk about the fascination with the red velvet, what makes a good red velvet cake, and how the affect the red food coloring has some people seeing RED.
Come join the conversation online! The first ever #GETBAKED Google Hangout will be about red velvet. It will Sunday, February 22nd at 5PM EST/2PM PST.
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P.S. Here's a great recipe for red velvet buttercream frosting.