What's Your Dozen?

I am working on a new article for Cupcakes.About.com where I am creating a list of a dozen cupcake flavors that every bakery should have. Of course there's are holiday, seasonal, or limited edition cupcakes that a bakery can have, but it would be good to have of what cupcake bakers and cupcake lovers would love to see in every bakery. Vanilla, chocolate and red velvet are a must. Please let me know in the comments what other cupcakes flavors should a bakery have. In other words, #whatsyourdozen.


Ann said…
Strawberry, lemon, key lime, banana, marble, and rum would all be fun cupcake flavors.
Jillyn said…
The flavors you listed are a must for me, but I'd add a peanut butter flavor, carrot cake, lavender, blueberry something, and marble.