Sweet Contest: Enter To Be Chief Nutella® Ambassador

Happy Monday!

I love Nutella.  I had it for the first time in Florence when I spent a week with an Italian.  If you're like you can eat it out of the jar with just a spoon.  However, if you are creative, then you will want to enter the contest below.

Starting September 21st- through October 11th

How To Submit: Interested fans can enter the Chief Nutella Ambassador contest by visiting the Contest website NutellaDay and following the on-screen directions to enter, which includes submitting a short video that demonstrates how he/she would lead World Nutella Day.

The Prizes: The Chief Nutella Ambassador will be treated to a one-year supply of Nutella, a week-long trip to New York City that will include, among many other VIP experiences, hands-on culinary tours and fine dining that highlight Nutella. During the trip, the Chief Nutella Ambassador will also get exclusive access to Nutella representatives to help plan the events surrounding the upcoming World Nutella Day celebration on February 5, 2016. And of course bragging rights for holding the title of America’s Biggest Nutella Fan!