I Approve Of Pumpkin Spice Milanos

Milano #pumpkinspiceeverything cookies
These days, Pumpkin Spice is so ubiquitous that I heard that the Netflix show, "Orange is the New Black" is going to re-brand as "Orange is the new Pumpkin Spice". I kid, but it wouldn't surprise me since brands are attaching pumpkin spice to anything autumnal.

Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies are classic. The combination of a light sugar cookie with a thin layer of chocolate is elegant. Milanos are great with coffee and tea. I guess kids eat Milanos but I always considered Milano to be a more sophisticated cookie, so I was a little dubious when I heard about the limited edition Pumpkin Spice Milanos. I got them yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised. The pumpkin spice spread is a thin layer that is delicious yet it doesn't overwhelm the cookie. These cookies are great paired with a chai latte.

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