Cupcakes in jars by mail from Brooklyn Cupcake via Goldbelly

Yesterday I got a wonderful surprise when I opened my front door to see a huge box from mail order food company Goldbelly! It was from a friend who I did a favor for, and inside were these adorable cupcakes in jars by bakery Brooklyn Cupcake.


Goldbelly offers 13 different flavors of these cupcakes by mail. What my friend didn't know is that while I live in New Jersey now, I used to live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, within walking distance of Brooklyn Cupcake (they also have a location in Hollywood, Florida at the Yellow Green Farmers Market). I often wear my Brooklyn Cupcake t-shirt and it always makes me smile, so I was thrilled to get these six jars.

The only downside, in my opinion, is that nowhere in the packaging did it say what type of cupcake it was, but I concluded that it was a chocolate cake with caramel and some kind of very light whipped frosting with coconut. Before posing this, I asked my friend what kind they were and it turns out they were Samoa cupcakes. The official description of them is: "Chocolate cake with our signature coconut cream cheese frosting layered with our coconut custard (Flan) and caramel drizzel topped with toasted coconut..."

I shared one of the jars, eating it with a spoon, and it was delicious. There's really a lot of cupcake in each one. You could eat it yourself, or easily split it.