Twilight cupcakes return

We've posted Twilight cupcakes several times already, but with the release of the DVD, there's been even more of them. I've yet to see the movie or read the book, but I'm fascinated with how many cupcakes are devoted to it.

Twilight cupcakes
by Retro Bakery Las Vegas via Flickr

by Brookfield Library on Flickr - it's a Twilight cupcake a trivia contest answer sheet!

Twlight inspired cupcakes
by Flickr user Amanda, With Sugar on Top! for a tween birthday party

Flickr user Mrs. JiJi Bean made a whole set of Twilight cupcakes such as this one that says "I run with the vampire:"

And all of these:


love said…
my kind of cupcakes, i'll take the edward please!
Tinys and Tea said…
i like the one with the bite marks and the 'blood'.
Coco Cake Land said…
ohmigosh! goth cupcakes ! love it!
Cakelaw said…
I recently made these:
Erika Themaras said…
check out my Twilight Cupcakes! =)