Who makes the best cupcakes in New York?

One Girl Cookies cupcakes
One Girl Cookies cupcakes/photo by Melissa Hom/New York magazine

New York magazine's blog Grub Street had Gramercy Tavern's Nancy Olson rate 15 of New York City's cupcake bakeries. Her winner? Dessert Club ChikaLicious, which is also one of my favorites, though I'm not sure I'd say my top top favorite, despite their marshmallow-tastic famous S'mores cupcake. Commenters are warring over the exclusion of Crumbs and debating Olson's findings.

I've only had Kyotofu cupcakes once, at the restaurant, and they were...hardly anywhere near what I'd call a favorite. The others, save for One Girl Cookies, I've had multiple times, so I feel like I want to give them another shot.

But for anyone visiting New York, do check out their list and do your own taste test!

Their rankings: (click through for ratings/photos/details)

1. Dessert Club ChikaLicious
2. Batch (closed until August, but you can do special orders)
3. Kyotofu
4. One Girl Cookies
5. Two Little Red Hens
6. Baked NYC
7. Magnolia Bakery
8. Sweet Revenge
9. Cupcake Cafe
10. sugar Sweet sunshine
11. Billy's Bakery
12. Butter Lane Cupcakes
13. Buttercup Bake Shop
14. Tonnie's Minis
15. BabyCakes NYC

Kyotofu cupcakes
Kyotofu cupcakes/photo by Melissa Hom/New York magazine


anna said…
I declined trying any cupcakes while I was in NYC the past few days because Crumbs was closed. They seem to be the only place that specializes in truly unique flavors, and I am not paying several dollars for a boring chocolate or vanilla cupcake. Even s'mores sounds a little blah to me, but I'm spoiled by my local buddy Fields of Cake and my own overactive imagination.
GG said…
I just indulged in a sweet revenge and dirty cupcake from Sweet Revenge on Carmine street and I have to say, the dark chocolate Dirty beats the chocolate Chickalicious cupcake hands down.....even if there is chocolate ganache surprise on the inside :)
Lisa B. said…
It seems everywhere I look there are cupcakes. I even made some Spring Flower cupcakes this week. Check them out. http://kittytigerskitchen.blogspot.com/2009/04/spring-flowers.html
laurenamaphone said…
I for one, do not like Crumbs cupcakes. They may have interesting looking flavors, but i think they actually taste either of bland or overly done. Butter Lane and Kumquat Cupcakery are by far my favorites.... I think Batch has interesting cupcakes, but they are a little too rich and dense for my blood...
Sweet Freak said…
Chikalicious cupcakes are swell, but not the best. I'm a big fan of Pichet's cream-filled cupcakes from Batch.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine and Butter Lane are both top five - way ahead of Magnolia and Cupcake Cafe.

And what about Kumquat's minis?
Roslyn said…
Did the cupcake tour today: Crumbs, Sweet Revenge, Cupcake Cafe, Butter Lane, Carlo's and Sweet. The last two being Hoboken bake shops. Sweet Revenge and the Hoboken places take the cake! These are gourmet cupcake places where both the cake and topping are considered important! Butter Lane is equally good but more basic - an entirely separate category. Cupcake Cafe was disappointing- a very heavy cake base with light icing. Both Hoboken places were great and worth the trip for a NYCer.
It's a crime that www.CupcakesCatering.com is not on the list. They are DELICIOUS!!!