Watermelon cupcake roundup

Perfect for summer...

It's the June cupcake of the month at Rutherford, NJ's Sweet Avenue Bakeshop, and is available every Tuesday and Thursday. "It’s a watermelon-flavored cake with chocolate chips, topped with watermelon frosting & a watermelon candy."

Inspired by the Sweet Avenue one, here are a few more watermelon cupcakes from our Flickr pool:

BBQ Picnic Cupcakes- Watermelon
by The Sweet Tooth Fairy via Flickr

Watermelon Cupcakes
(we love this one so much we're posting it again - we try very hard not to repeat photos but for this roundup I'm making an exception)
from The Sweetest Kitchen via Flickr. Jamieanne writes:

I thought this was a really cute idea so decided to try it out. I halved the recipe for Magnolia Bakery's vanilla cupcakes so I would get just one dozen instead of two (although I ended up with 14). I added 10 drops (give or take a drop) of red food coloring and 1/4 cup plus about a tablespoon more of mini chocolate chips.

I then used a watermelon frosting recipe I found here, though was disappointed that the frosting was too liquidy to pipe at all, even after refrigerating it for a while. It does taste nice, however! Oh, and I added green food coloring to the frosting as well.

I’d like to find a watermelon frosting that is pipeable, so if anyone knows of one, please tell me! If I could have piped this I would have liked to split the frosting into two parts - one the light pink color and the other the light green color, then put the two colors into a pastry bag to get a swirl effect. Also what might be nice is a cute little slice of watermelon made out of fondant, placed on top of the cupcake.

Watermelon Look-Alike Cupcake
Watermelon look-alike cupcakes from Beantown Baker (go there for the recipe) via Flickr

watermelon candy
lemon yogurt cupcake with delicious gummy fruits from Caputo's, photo Bake & Destroy via Flickr

Watermelon cupcake
by Flickr user le fluff le puff

Sleepover Birthday Cupcakes
by A Baked Creation via Flickr


Anonymous said…
I love watermelon flavor.. I bet it makes a very big surrprise to everyone who tastes one. I will look up some of the recipe frosting ideas. I hate hard icing and so this will be a treat.
Thanks for sharing : )
Anonymous said…
I think JELLO has a watermelon flavor in the summertime. You might try using the dry jello in the frosting maybe that would give it flavor and color without the liquid mess. Just a thought. : )
Jamieanne said…
Thanks for reposting my watermelon cupcakes! :D

Just an FYI, I've since found watermelon flavoring available online which I would use if I made watermelon cupcakes again. I didn't even know they made watermelon flavoring! Jello watermelon flavor, like Caroldee suggested, would be a good idea to try too.

I love the look of Sweet Avenue Bakeshop's watermelon cupcake!
What pretty cupcakes -- do you have a recipe you can share?
Unknown said…
Could someone write the water melon cake recipe?. Thanks a lot,