Why the ban on photography, Sephora?

I hate it that some big-chain stores (Whole Foods, I'm looking at you...) don't allow photography. Of course, lugging my giant camera and lens out at a location isn't as stealth as, say, Rachel's iPhone, but c'est la vie.

After our exceedingly tasty (albeit rainy) Cupcake Meetup in Central Park this weekend, I walked all the way back downtown with my friend. Whew. I stopped in Sephora to pick up some CK One Summer 2009 scent (SO clean-smelling!!) and I saw these cupcake-related products.

Snagged! Photo laws be damned...

Sephora's cupcakes


Sephora's cupcakes

Due to the no photo rule, I wasn't able to get any more info documented. But they looked yummy! I believe they are Sephora's brand-name products (click here for more info) Anyone try the lip gloss, body cream or gel? Help a law-breaker out here!

Oh, and although I didn't see these, I spotted them on the Sephora Website -- Dylan's Candy Bar cupcake-scented products! Here's the link to Dylan's Candy Bar chocolate cupcake-scented products from its Website.

Cupcakes and skincare = perfection.


I've used Sephora's Vanilla Cupcake - it smells divine, just like you'd imagine that a vanilla buttercream cupcake would smell. My husband says it makes me smell edible, LOL!
Shannon said…
i'm not sure if you guys have reported about it, but bare escentuals came out with an entire cupcake lip gloss collection
rissykay99 said…
I got a free sample of the Sephora Vanilla Cupcake Gel for my birthday- it smells delicious. But I have yet to use it...
No photo rule? That's quite possibly the silliest thing I've ever heard! Thanks for the snapshots -- might have to check it out:)!
They banned pics maybe so people won't steal their designs or store layouts, ideas, whatever, either way it is silly, they should know people's pics would bring them more customers...especaily for those who never heard of them, LOL..but great job..on snagging the pic.
I have had the birthday gift as well and it is really nice quality. I am suprised they won't allow photos but I have been stopped in a Dean and DeLuca on Lexington and TopShop for taking photos. I can't imagine at Dean and DeLuca they think you are going to make the items from a photo but I took a few afterwards anyway. Great idea for these products as -0- calories !!!