10 reasons to smile: It may (or may not) be National Cupcake Day

I've pretty much ignored National Cupcake Day today because, in the US, it's not really National Cupcake Day.

But you know what? Every day should be some kind of cupcake day!

To that end, here are some smiley face cupcakes and Happy Smiley Face Cupcake Day to all of you!

White Chocolate Raspberry Smiley Cakes
White chocolate mud cake, with raspberry buttercream with a fondant smiley face from blogger Cupcake Corner via Flickr

Eat cupcakes!
from Flickr user foodcore - Apricot frosting tops this happy faced chocolate cupcake.

single smiley
from Flickr user shuchinks - Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream

Smiley face cupcake at San Francisco Art Institute
I snapped this one last year at the San Francisco Art Institute

M&M candy smiley face cupcake by Flickr user ciaostellabella

Cute Birthday Girl Cupcake
Raise your hand if you don't think the raspberry barrette is the cutest thing ever! OMG. (I realize I probably use "cutest" and "OMG" and phrases like that a lot, but when it comes to cupcakes, I really can't help it. I do have a wider vocabulary, I promise.)

And in the extra cool category, these come with a recipe over at Merry Antoinette (via Flickr)

And who said only people (or rather, cupcake people) can smile?

Ladybug Cupcake
Ladybug cupcake - Chocolate cake, chocolate cream cheese frosting, topped with fondant by Glorious Treats on Flickr

Octopus cupcake by My Artisan Cake Company on Flickr

monkey cupcakes
monkey cupcakes by Flickr user distopiandreamgirl
banana cake with mocha buttercream
orange droste pastille ears
marzipan muzzle
ganache smile
"lentil" candy eyes.

Cupcake Smiles
And lastly, a reminder to SMILE by Little House of Dreams on Flickr

And YumSugar has 7 unconventional cupcake recipes.


Atlanta said…
OMG that rasberry barette is the cutest thing ever! And I love the one with the M&Ms too! How perfect! =) What a happy post! Of course what post involving cupcakes ISIN'T HAPPY?!!
Patrizia said…
The octopus is my favorite :P
Unknown said…
National Cupcake Day sounds like a great idea...I think we need one in the UK as well! Something I am going to try and get started!

Indulgence Cupcakes x
I love cupcakes very much.