Rocket Queen Cupcakes born out of the recession

I'd been meaning to post about Rocket Queen Cupcakes, but never did (it's been that way a lot around here lately). She's also @Rketqueencupcak on Twitter and has a Facebook page, which is where I got the images in this post.

Moist chocolate cake topped with a dark chocolate ganache.

So this article in the Albany Democrat-Herald is a great opportunity to do so and give some background information:

Jessica Stanley of Albany lost her job at a roofing company last year when it downsized, so to make up for lost income, she learned how to bake cupcakes to sell commercially.

Now she makes hundreds at a time for weddings and birthday, cocktail and office parties. On weekends they are available at the Calapooia Brewing Co. in Albany.
Her biggest sellers right now are pumpkin, s'mores and her signature bacon cupcake.
"That's really a dude cupcake," she said. "No one who ever tried it didn't like it."

The basic cake flavor is vanilla, with bacon pieces mixed in. Stanley smears maple butter cream frosting on the top and finishes it with a candied piece of bacon.

"Now I'm doing what I love," said Stanley, 29, of her Rocket Queen Cupcake business. "After I lost my job, my mother suggested that I do what I love, which is cooking. Originally, I looked into the culinary program at LBCC, but it made sense to do cupcakes after Mary Anna Bakery closed."

To get started, she looked through old family recipes and checked out cake recipe books from the library in Corvallis.

"I sampled a lot of recipes and then I modified them by adjusting the spices, liquids and extracts," she said.

She's a lady cupcake
Yellow cake filled with orange flower water, lavender whipped cream, topped with cream cheese frosting

Here are some of the flavors Rocket Queen Cupcakes offers, via their site:

A unicorn on a rainbow
Pink cake, pink frosting, and topped with sparkly sprinkles

Carrot cake with goat cream cheese frosting, topped with toasted walnuts

Beer and peanuts

Dark stout cupcake with a creamy head and topped with honey roasted peanuts

Yellow cake with bacon pieces in it, frosted with maple butter cream and topped with a candied bacon piece

Miso hungry

Green tea cake with dark chocolate miso ganache, topped with panko (available vegan)

Rocket Queen Cupcakes
Jessica Stanley
3875 NW Ridgecrest
Albany, OR 97321
jessica at


Thank you for posting! I'll be going to Albany next week. Maybe I can try some cupcakes. I grew up in Albany and its always fun to see it mentioned.
Jessica said…
Hope's- Let me know when you'll be in town via email and i can arrange for you to get some cakes!